Bevollmächtigte Zertifizierungsstellen
Empowered Certification Bodies
Organismes de certification autorisés
Anerkannte Prüflaboratorien
Recognized testing laboratories
Laboratoires d'essais reconnus
Bezeichnungen und Abkürzungen
Designations and abbreviations
Désignations et abréviations
Scheme Rules
Rčgles du Programme
Zertifizierte Produkte
Certified Products
Produits certifiés

Since 1st January 2012 the CENCER Mark for thermostatic Radiator Valves is replaced by the Keymark. All existing CENCER licences have to be converted to Keymark licences by the Empowered Certification Bodies operating a Keymark scheme on the basis of the specific European Standard EN 215 for thermostatic radiator valves. The Keymark Scheme Rules were drawn up by a Scheme Development Group represented by CCC3. The members of this Group include manufacturers and users, as well as representatives of testing laboratories, inspection agencies and empowered certification bodies. Most of the former CENCER scheme rules adopted 1988 have been kept and implemented into the Keymark Scheme Rules.

Certification encompasses type testing every four years and annual control testing as well as assessment of the quality assurance system of thermostatic radiator valve manufacturers.

Where such valves comply with the requirements given in EN 215 and undergo inspection in accordance with the Keymark certification scheme, they are permitted to bear the KEYMARK registered mark of conformity, illustrated below.

The recognized testing laboratories are accredited to EN ISO/IEC 17025 to carry out tests for TRVs according to EN 215 and take part in periodical Round Robin Tests supported by the Monitoring Group.

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